Summer Camp 2024

Club Legacy offers volleyball camps and clinics for all ages with a strong emphasis on the details of the game. Our programs are designed to help players refine their skills and develop a deep understanding of the game. Here are some key features you can expect from Club Legacy camps and clinics:

  1. Skill Development: Club Legacy camps and clinics provide intensive skill development sessions based on the age of the players, focused on all aspects of the game, including serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and defense. Participants receive personalized instruction and guidance from experienced coaches who help them improve their technique and efficiency in each skill.
  2. Technical Instruction: The camps and clinics offered by Club Legacy place a strong emphasis on technical details. Coaches pay close attention to proper form, footwork, hand positioning, and other nuances of the game. Participants learn the correct mechanics of each skill and receive feedback to make necessary adjustments and improvements.
  3. Tactical Training: In addition to skill development, Club Legacy camps and clinics also cover tactical aspects of the game. Participants learn about game strategies, positioning, reading the game, and making smart decisions on the court. The focus is on helping players understand the game at a deeper level and develop their volleyball IQ.
  4. Small Group and Individual Attention: Club Legacy strives to maintain a low coach-to-player ratio during their camps and clinics. This ensures that each participant receives ample individual attention and feedback from the coaches. The small group setting allows for a more personalized learning experience and enables coaches to address specific needs and challenges of each player.
  5. Competitive Environment: Club Legacy camps and clinics often include competitive drills and game situations to apply the skills learned in a real-game setting. Participants have the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge and techniques into practice and gain valuable experience in a competitive environment.

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