Club Legacy Volleyball offers a comprehensive pathway designed to cater to volleyball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Our journey begins with Club Cubs, an engaging program tailored for kindergarteners to 5th graders, fostering a love for the sport from an early age. As athletes progress, our Legacy Development Program hones in on refining skills and overall growth. Transitioning seamlessly, the Club Legacy Competition League adds a competitive edge, blending skill mastery with the favorite part of the game – competition. For players seeking a more localized experience, our Regional teams provide an opportunity to compete within the Omaha and Lincoln areas. Meanwhile, for those who would like to travel and compete outside of the local area they can join our National teams, participating in USAV qualifiers, AAU tournaments, and other fun multi-day competitions. At Club Legacy Volleyball, there’s a dedicated path for every player to follow their passion and achieve their fullest potential.