First Pick – Strength Training

First Pick performance

Club Legacy Volleyball is excited to start their 2nd year with First Pick Performance. Our partnership is based on the same philosophy as our each of our businesses, doing what is best for the athletes. First Pick Performance was founded in May 2017 by Grant Eberly & Christian Dudzik.  Our goal is for athletes to increase their strength, power & flexibility to prevent injuries.


Ultimate Baseball Academy

4225 S 121st Plaza  Omaha, NE

Hoffman Hoops Academy

10815 S 204th Ave Cir, Gretna, NE


Training Session Breakdown (60 minutes)

Dynamic Warm-Up, Movement Skills, Speed & Agility, Jump Training  (30 minutes)

Strength, Power, and Flexibility  (30 minutes)


Training session coaches

  • Grant Eberly (Co-Owner)

  • Christian Dudzik (Co-Owner)

  • Zac Novak (Manager/Coach - Gretna)

  • Kari Volk (Manager/Coach – UBA)

  • Assistant Coaches

Sessions will be available November 30 – April 30

Monday through Saturday